Samsung Galaxy S III Getting A Premium Suite Update

Posted Dec 7, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be given a Premium Suite update.  The software update will add several features that are found on the Galaxy Note II to the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S III will have Multi Window and Page Buddy added to it.

Multi Window lets you open two different apps at the same time by splitting the screen into two.  Page Buddy can open apps depending on the actions you take such as opening a music player app if you plug in headphones to the device.

Contextual menus, tags for photos, and a Facebook ticker for the lockscreen will be added through the update.  The Galaxy S III NFC functionality will be updated to support the new Auto Share Shot Pairing mode.  This allows users to beam new photos or videos to another NFC powered device as soon as they are taken.  This update is planned for the international model of the S III first and it will be rolled out to other carriers depending on each one individually.

[Source: TheVerge]