Samsung Is Launching A Rugged Version Of The Galaxy S4 Soon

Posted Apr 24, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to get a more rugged design later this year.  This would protect the phone from dust and water.  At a Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event in Dubai, Young Soo Kim, the president of Samsung Gulf, has confirmed that a rugged S4 is arriving later this year.  Kim did not reveal that many details about the new design or how it will impact the form factor of the S4.  The S4 is known for being thin and lightweight.

Kim confirmed the new design when being asked a question about the S4’s design and how it is not resistant to water compared to the Sony Xperia Z.  The Xperia Z has a water and dust resistant design that can be dunked into one meter of water without being damaged.

Samsung is also going to be launching an S4 Mini smartphone later this summer.    The Galaxy S4 is arriving today in the United states on T-Mobile.