Rumor: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (005930) Galaxy S5 smartphone may include an eye scanner

Posted Jan 10, 2014

Executives at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KRX:005930) have suggested that the Galaxy S5 smartphone will have eye-scanning technology. The Galaxy S5 is expected to arrive in April, according to Bloomberg. There will be an iris sensor that scans the user’s eyes for unlocking the device. It is possible that Samsung will demo the S5 at Mobile World Congress in February.

An iris scanner is quite a step-up from the fingerprint scanner that comes built into the Apple iPhone 5s. Apple and Samsung have been going tit-for-tat on each other’s devices. Apple shareholders have been concerned about the speed of innovation that their competitors have. Android has been continuously growing at a rapid pace, largely due to Samsung’s successes.

?Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology,? stated Lee Young Hee, EVP of Samsung?s mobile division during a conference at CES. ?We are studying the possibility but can?t really say whether we will have it or not on the S5.?

This would not be Samsung’s first foray into eye-tracking technology. The Samsung Galaxy S4 can watch a user’s eye movements and determine when to scroll when a website is pulled up. Samsung has been rumored to be building eye scanners for the S5 since this past December.