Samsung Getting Into The Mobile Movie Business With “Samsung Movies”

Posted Mar 23, 2009

Samsung is taking a page out of Apple’s book in the part where it says you can make money by selling movies on mobile devices.  This past Thursday Samsung opened up a beta version of Samsung Movies.  Anyone using a supported device will be able to move rental movies and TV shows.  Everything will be in DVD quality and will also support Windows Media format for the desktop.

There are currently about 500 titles in the Samsung store from major studios, but they are expecting it to double by end of March and hit about 2,000 by July.

Some of the phones that are supported include the Tocco Ultra Edition, C180, S7330, B2700, Beat s, Samsung EA, Tobi, and the Pixon.  The service will be available initially in the UK and in Germany.  Rentals cost between £2.49 to £3.99.  Purchases start from £4.99 and go up to about £13.99.