Samsung Is Customizing An Android Platform For Enterprises

Posted Jan 18, 2013

Samsung Electronics is starting to develop a new platform based on Android that is built around the ability to manage, secure, and integrate with enterprise systems that is beyond what Google does with stock versions of Android.  This enterprise version is known as SAFE.

SAFE is an SDK that lets enterprise app developers integrate security features into their MDM solutions.  The Samsung SAFE program was built through a partnership with some of the top mobile management vendors.  SAFE focuses on broad VPN support, device encryption, and mobile device management.

Samsung would be building the hardware for SAFE and integrate it with a range of MDM policy capabilities into the Android operating system.  Samsung’s vice president and general manager of business-to-business sales Tim Wagner said that Samsung will be offering additional features in SAFE this year.

Security features that will be added include Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for e-mail, calendar, and contacts.  It also supports in-device AES 256-bit encryption for data security, VPN connectivity for secure access to corporate networks.