Samsung Is Going To Launch A Faster Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Posted Jun 17, 2013

Samsung Electronics
 is going to launch a new Galaxy S4 smartphone that will be able to transmit data at around twice the normal speed, according to J.K. Shin, the head of Samsung’s mobile division.  The phone is going to be sold in South Korea as early as this month.  Samsung is currently in talks with overseas carriers to use the new phone.

“We’ll be the first with the commercial launch of the advanced 4G version of the smartphone,” stated Shin.  The new S4 will have LTE-Advanced 4G technology, which is an upgrade from LTE.  The LTE-Advanced connection will be powered by Qualcomm’s chips.  A movie download takes around 3 minutes using convention 4G and with LTE-Advanced, it will take slightly over 1 minute.

Analysts have been concerned about sales of the Galaxy S4.  However, Shin reassured investors that he is optimistic about the S4 sales.  “S4 sales remain strong. It’s selling far stronger than the (Galaxy) S III … and the new LTE-Advanced (4G) phone will be another addition to our high-end segment offerings that ensure healthy profit margins,” said Shin.

Shin did not provide forecasts of the S4 sales.  He said that the sales of Samsung’s tablet products in the U.S. jumped 3.3 times since they installed their brand shops in Best Buy stores this past April.