Samsung joins the OpenPower Consortium

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Samsung is now a part of the OpenPower Consortium, which is a partnership led by IBM to push Power-based chip designs into hardware products like servers. The OpenPower Consortium was created last August after IBM announced that they would start licensing their Power architecture to third parties.

The partners in the consortium agreed to cooperate on hardware and software development based on the Power architecture, which is used in high-end servers. Other members in the alliance include Google, Tyan, Mellanox and Nvidia.

Power-based servers used to be released only by IBM, but Tyan will become the first server company aside from IBM to release one soon. Nvidia is going to plug their graphics processors into Power-based systems soon as well.

The OpenPower Consortium has a new chairman. Gordon MacKean, the engineering director of the platforms group at Google, is now chairman of the Consortium.