Samsung Launches An $800,000 Contest For Galaxy S4

Posted May 20, 2013

Samsung is going to host an $800,000 contest for developers to build apps for the Galaxy S4 smartphone.  As part of the “Smart App Challenge 2013,” developers will need to utilize the Samsung Chord SDK.  The Chord software interface is used for creating wireless connections between Samsung smartphones without using an online server or mobile phone network.  The competition will have 10 winners and the prize money will be distributed between them.

The peer-to-peer technology is called “Group Play,” which is a service for Samsung’s tablet and smartphone users to share music and play games with each other in multiplayer mode.  The apps will be judged on uniqueness, commercial potential, and design.  Apps must be submitted between June 20th and August 31st.  The judging will run through November.  The entries must also be sold on the “Samsung Apps” marketplace and use Samsung APIs for in-app purchases and to display ads.

The competition will have 10 winners and the prize money will be distributed between them.  The first place winner will receive $200,000.  Three second place winners will receive $100,000 each.  And the six developers that come in third will receive $50,000 each.  The winning applications will also be candidates for an investment from Samsung’s venture capital division.  They will also be promoted through Samsung’s online properties and press events.

This is not the first time that Samsung opened up their wallet to developers in the form of a competition.  In 2010, Samsung paid out $2.7 million for developers to work on the bada smartphone platform.  This is the second year of the Smart App Challenge for Android.  Last year an app called “Gun & Blood” won the competition for the Galaxy Note and Tab devices.  Gun & Blood was a game developed by Feelingtouch that focused on killing terrorists.