Samsung Launches The Diva Collection With The S7070 and S5150 Mobile Phones

Posted Dec 7, 2009

Samsung Electronics has debuted a new Diva fashion series of mobile phones This includes the Samsung Diva S7070 and the Samsung Diva S5150. Samsung will introduce the Diva Collection models every year to appeal to younger women mobile phone users.

?Today?s modern women play many roles, from fashionista to heroine. The Samsung Diva Collection delivers mobile phones accentuating all aspects of the stylish, attention-getting woman to let the diva in everyone come to life,? stated Samsung Electronics VP of Mobile Marketing Younghee Lee. ?The Samsung Diva Collection 2010 is a part of Samsung?s long-term goal to meet the unquenched needs of one of our most important target group, women mobile users.?

The Samsung Diva S7070 has a 3.2 megapixel camera featuring ‘Beauty Effect’ and ‘Lomo Effect’ image editing features. The Diva 7070 has a diamond-shaped crystal button in the front of the phone. The S7070 has pop-up SMS notifications whenever a MySpace or Facebook profile gets updated. Additional features include ‘Fake Call’ and ‘SOS messages’ in case women wants to get away from some creepsters.