Samsung Mpower 699 Is The First CDMA Phone With OMH

Posted Aug 31, 2009

The Samsung Mpower 699, manufactured in collaboration with Qualcomm has become the first CDMA phone to use OMH (Open Market Handset) technology.

“This technology will help migration between operators in all our CMDA (Code Division Multiple Access) phones,” stated Samsung India country head Sunil Dutt.

The Open Market Handset initiative enables operators and subscribers to be moved from the CDMA handset onboard memory restrictions to a next-gen Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM) capability.  The R-UIM capabilities are made available through a certain smartcard.  By enabling R-UIM capabilities, the handset becomes generic and can be sold on the open market, thus making it available to multiple network operators.

The Mpower 699 itself can be used on mobile operators Reliance, Tata, Indicom, MTS, and networks in other countries.