The Samsung NX300 Camera Has WiFi and 3D Shooting

Posted Jan 4, 2013

The Samsung NX300 is a camera that has WiFi and the ability to shoot 3-D video.  The camera has a mirror-less system and a 45mm F1.8 lens.  The camera takes 3-D stills and the ability to shoot high-definition 1080p 3-D video if you buy a $600 45mm lens.  The 3D version can be used as a conventional lens and it has two LCD screens that cut down into the optical path when in 3-D mode.  The two screens take turns to black-out their side of the lens.  This means that a slightly different image is projected onto the camera’s sensor.

The NX300 captures and combines these alternating frames to create 3D movies or stills.  The NX300 has a 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, a hybrid auto-focus system, and proprietary DRIMEe IV imaging engine.  The camera has a wide ISO range (ISO 100 – 25600), a 1/6000 shutter speed, and the ability to shoot 8.6 frames per second in continuous shooting mode.  Through the camera’s WiFi connection, you can use the Smart Camera app on the NX300 to beam photos to your mobile device.  The NX300 will be available in March at a cost of $750 with a 20-50mm kit lens.