Samsung Adding RAMaccelerator To Series 7 Chronos Laptop Range

Posted Jan 2, 2013

Last year, Samsung added the 17-inch Series 7 Chronos laptop to their line of products.  Samsung updated their line of Chronos laptops with Ivy Bridge processors too.  The company has released a new video teaser promoting better hardware in the new Series 7 laptops.  In the video below, you will notice that there is a mention of a feature called RAMaccelerator. RAMaccelerator promises 50% faster app loading, a full HD display, JBL speakers, and an AMD Radeon HD 8870M GPU.

The 17-inch model already has JBL speakers and a 1,920 x 1,080 screen so it is believe that these improvements will be added to the 15-inch model of the Chronos 7.

[Source: Sammyhub]