Samsung rejected Android in 2004

Posted Feb 17, 2014

Andy Rubin, the founder of Android, needed help building his mobile operating system back in 2004 so he turned to multiple companies for an investment or an acquisition. One of those companies include Samsung.

In 2004, Rubin and his team met with Samsung executives in South Korea, but they essentially laughed him out of the room because he lacked a large team and was inexperienced. The funny thing is that Samsung’s mobile division became a powerhouse because of Android.

??You and what army are going to go and create this? You have six people. Are you high?? is basically what they said. They laughed me out of the boardroom. This happened two weeks before Google acquired us,? stated Rubin when talking about the experience with Samsung.

Fortunately, Rubin met with Google’s Larry Page and a deal was made in 2005. Today Android is the dominant mobile operating system. Google acquired Android for around $50 million and incentives around that time.

[Source: Phone Arena]