Samsung Supplier Audit Finds Inadequate Practices, But No Child Workers

Posted Nov 26, 2012

Samsung Electronics recently audited around their 105 suppliers that produce components purely for Samsung products.  Samsung conducted the audit in response to a China Labor Watch report.  Fortunately Samsung’s auditors did not find any child labor.  However the company found poor working conditions.  Samsung will be stepping in to provide safeguards to prevent underage workers from being employed.

In the supplier factories, Samsung cited hiring discrimination, a fines system, a lack of adequate safety equipment, and the lack of sufficient first aid kids in dorms and factories.  Managers also need to be additionally trained on sexual harassment and physical/verbal abuse.

Samsung is demanding that temporary employees work no more than 30% of full-time employees’ hours.  From 2013 onwards, Samsung will “ensure the independence of audits.”  They will hire third-party auditors to monitor working conditions at supplier factories more often.