ABI Research: Samsung ranks at the top for best enterprise smartphone solutions

Posted Dec 27, 2013

ABI Research, a market research company, released the list of the top Enterprise Smartphone vendors recently. Out of the 9 smartphone vendors that were evaluated in 18 categories, Samsung’s handsets and services were named as the best available for enterprises. Ironically, security researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel found vulnerabilities in Samsung’s mobile enterprise security solution Knox on the same day.

The vulnerability allows hackers to “easily intercept” data that is sent to and from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and several other Galaxy smartphones.

ABI considered available workspace management solutions, partnerships, customer adoption, and security when making their decision. The report also pointed out that BlackBerry does well regarding mobile security. Apple was ranked number 2 because of high iOS smartphone adoption by business users and because their smartphones are the most “activated device within EMM/MDM platforms.? BlackBerry was ranked number 3 ahead of Nokia.

?There are two sets of OEM battles that need to be watched closely: Apple and Samsung and Nokia and BlackBerry,? stated ABI analyst Jason McNicol. ?Apple and Samsung are quite interesting considering Apple?s smartphone innovations drove its lead in the enterprise over Samsung. But Samsung has learned quickly and has stolen the innovator role from Apple.?

[Source: BGR]