Samsung Tops Apple On The Fortune Global 500 List

Posted Jul 9, 2013

On Monday, Fortune released the most recent rankings for worldwide companies based on revenues for the fiscal years ended on March 31st or before that.  Samsung has beaten Apple on the Global 500 list.  Samsung hit revenues totaling $178.6 billion and Apple hit $156.5 billion.

However Apple generated more in annual profit, falling slightly behind ExxonMobil.  In fact, Apple’s profit was over double Samsung’s profit with Apple at $41.7 billion and Samsung at $20.6 billion.

Samsung jumped six places from 20th place to 14th place on the overall list.  Apple jumped from 55th up to 19th.  Royal Dutch Shell is at the top of the list with $481.7 billion in revenues. went from 206th place to 149th place.  And Google went up to 189th place from 277th place.