The Samsung UN85S9000 Is An 85-Inch UHD TV With A Quad-Core Processor

Posted Jan 25, 2013

The Samsung UN85S9000 is an upcoming 85-inch 4K ultra-high definition TV (UHD TV).  This is four times the resolution of 1080p high-definition displays.  The Samsung UN85S9000 UHD TV has a quad-core processor to scale up the 1080p programs.  You can control the Samsung UN85S9000 using voice interaction by talking in full sentences.  The Smart View feature on the TV lets you stream content from your mobile device to the TV.  The Samsung UN85S9000 can be connected to other Samsung smart home appliances.

For example, the Samsung UN85S9000 lets you control the wash cycle for your Samsung smart home washing machine and it lets you adjust your thermostat with an app that you can watch on the screen.  If you are worried about the quad-core processor going obsolete, the Samsung UN85S9000 has a smart evolution Connector that lets users upgrade as technology improves.  The availability and price of the Samsung UN85S9000 is unknown.

[Image Source: SlashGear]