Samsung Has A Goal Of Beating Apple In Tablet Market, Just Like They Do In Smartphone Market

Posted Nov 6, 2013

Samsung Electronics has beaten Apple in the smartphone market and now they are working on beating them in tablets.  At the Analysts Day event in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung’s mobile head JK Shin said that they want to steal the #1 position in the tablet market from Apple.  Shin did not reveal a timeline on when this will be achieved though.  Samsung’s tablet sales are expected to hit 40 million this year, which is double 2012.

Apple sold 48.2 million iPads for the first three quarters in 2013.  During the holiday quarter, Apple is expected to sell well over 20 million iPads.  This means that Apple could hit over 70 million in iPad sales this year alone.  Apple sold 65.7 million iPads last year. 

This means Samsung has some work to do.  Samsung sold 16.6 million tablets in 2012, according to IDC.

[Source: CNET]