Samsung’s Mobile Web Traffic Share Increases Rapidly Because Of Galaxy S III

Posted Aug 9, 2012

According to Chitika, Samsung’s mobile web traffic share is growing at a rapid pace.  Samsung has the Galaxy S III’s growth for that.  For every ad impression that Chitika serves to a Samsung device, there are four from Apple devices.  ?Both the sales and Web presence numbers have been impressive early on for the Galaxy S III, but does it have the staying power to compete with the iPhone 5 due for release this September?? said Chitika in a report. ?Particularly in the context of the series of patent lawsuits between the manufacturers, this head-to-head matchup will be one of the most intriguing contests in the smartphone market this year.?  The Galaxy S III accounts for over 11% of all web surfing coming from Samsung smartphones.  The Galaxy S III has surpassed the Galaxy Nexus in activity already.