Samsung’s WiFi Enabled Digital Cameras Can Now Sync To Evernote

Posted Jul 31, 2013

According to Mashable, consumers that own Samsung’s WiFi enabled digital cameras will now be able to sync their photos directly to Evernote.  Evernote is a popular note taking and archiving platform that helps you organize your content in the cloud.


Samsung announced that Evernote will be instantly integrated in their WB250F SMART Camera.  Samsung WB250F digital camera owners can now download a software update to allow the camera to archive the photos on Evernote.

When the camera is connected to a WiFi network, users will be able to sync digital camera pictures to any device that has Evernote installed.  The Samsung WB250F cameras cost $249.99 in white, cobalt black, gun metal, and red.

People that buy the camera now will get three free months of Evernote’s premium services, which allows for 1GB of upload per month.  Evernote’s free service lets Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users to upload 60MB per month.