Samwer Brothers Shut Down Clone

Posted Jun 12, 2012

The Samwer brothers created controversy when they cloned with the name Bamarang. The website was created at their incubator called Rocket. Bamarang will be shutting down immediately since the investors decided to shift their focus. This should come as a relief to founder Jason Goldberg, whom called Bamarang a “complete rip-off.” Bamarang copied’s design and business model.

The team that was working on Bamarang is now going to be working on WestWing, another company operating in the Rocket incubator. WestWing received $50 million in funding.

?We have decided to concentrate on WestWing?s business model, where we have established clear No1 positions in key markets like Germany, Brazil, Italy and Russia,? stated WestWing founder Stefan Smalla. ?As a consequence we will phase out Bamarang and focus 100 percent of our resources on WestWing, which we see as the stronger of the two business models. This will allow us to build unassailable market positions in the emerging home and living e-commerce market, and deploy our substantial new funding on the largest growth opportunities.?

Most of the staff at Bamarang will be expected to move to WestWing. Many of the staff members at Bamarang will be interviewed on Monday for their new jobs.