SAP Acquires Carbon Emissions Firm Clear Standards

Posted May 13, 2009

SAP has acquired carbon emissions firm Clear Standards.  Clear Standards is a two year old software company based in Sterling, Virginia.

Clear Standards develops web applications that helps companies develop strategies for cabon emission management, thus resulting in environmental impact reduction.  For example, Clear Standard’s software has a way to track the inventory of a company’s emissions and set regulation monitors.  This enables companies to reduce energy and waste.

The software is especially useful for regulated companies around Europe and companies who have voluntary sustainability programs.  Clear Standards will be rolled into SAP’s Environment, Safety Management, and Health applications.

“It is essential that organizations gain actionable insight into their carbon emissions, water consumption, energy use and other environmental factors so they can lower their environmental impact,” stated SAP co-CEO Leo Apotheker. “Having this ability also correlates to an organization’s efficiency and competitiveness.”

Clear Standards has also developed a free iPhone application called Carbon Tracker.

[via CNET]