SAP Spending Millions On Waste Management Lawsuit

Posted Apr 15, 2009

IT consulting company SAP has been engaged with 25-30 contract attorneys and is spending millions of dollars in order to defend themselves in a very lengthy lawsuit with Waste Management.  Waste Management has been accusing SAP of a flawed ERP implementation system.

SAP has paid over $1 million to an e-discovery software vendor and hired outside counsel to review documents and interview over 100 SAP employees.  Waste Management decided to sue SAP in March 2008 for over $100 million in damages linked to their ERP software.  SAP claimed that their ERP was an “out of the box” solution to Waste Management’s inefficient processes, but there was not much of a change.

However SAP is claiming that they are not at fault because Waste Management failed to deliver “timely and accurately define its business requirements” or provide “sufficient, knowledgeable, decision-empowered users and managers” for the ERP project.

The trial is set for this October, but SAP wants to push it until 2010.  SAP is also dealing with another lawsuit revolving around I.P. with rival Oracle.

[via PCW]