Satish Dharmaraj, Co-Founder Of Yahoo! Leaves Yahoo!

Posted Jan 21, 2009

Satish Dharmaraj, co-founder of Zimbra will be leaving Yahoo!  Zimbra is the open source e-mail startup company that Yahoo! acquired for $350 million.  The good news is that Dharmaraj is leaving with Zimbra doing very well.  Zimbra has about 20 million paid users.  Many of these paid customers were provided by Zimbra’s partnership with Comcast.

Through the acquisition, Yahoo! created serveral new e-mail services based on Zimbra technology.  Zimbra has desktop software that has message tags, aggregated accounts from other e-mail services, contact management, and calendar software.  In other words, it is just like Microsoft Outlook.  The advantage that Zimbra has over Outlook is that it uses AJAX so that it is able to navigate through e-mail without slowing down.  Outlook has a tendency to slow down when there are thousands of messages and large attachments.

It is not yet known what Dharmaraj plans to do next.  My guess is that he’ll go for another startup idea or look into retirement.

[via AllThingsD]