Saved By The Blog: The Daniel and Ebony Sampson Christmas Story

Posted Dec 26, 2008

“This is our Christmas story,” stated Ebony Sampson. “It’s going to be told for generations and generations to come.”

One day Daniel and Ebony Sampson woke up and found out that there house would be foreclosed if they were unable to come up with $10,000 within two weeks.  The Sampsons live in Aberdeen, Maryland with their two kids.

When Ebony was young, her family passed away in a car accident.  Fortunately for Ebony, her grandmother raised her in New York after that.  Ebony used some of her parents’ life-insurance money to buy a home and settle down.

Daniel recently got sick from salmonella and lost his job with Bank of America.  He did qualify for extended time off for health reasons because he was not with the company long enough.  The Sampsons were receiving unemployment checks, but it did not amount to much.  Ebony also found out that she was pregnant.  And on top of all that, their family truck had been repossessed.

The last straw was when the bill collectors said that they own $10,000 in two weeks otherwise their house would be foreclosed.  Ebony started calling friends and family for financial help.  One of the friends she had contacted was Jaki Grier.

Jaki did not have the money to give to the Sampsons, but she had a good idea.  Jaki had built up a large number of followers on her LiveJournal blog and she wrote about the Sampsons struggle to make ends meet.   Miraculously, the idea worked.  The blog had raised $11,032 and a Baltimore TV station offered Daniel a job interview.

“It doesn’t seem real to me, and so I just thank everyone out there that cares,” Ebony Sampson said. “There really was no hope for us. Then, out of nowhere, just the kindness of strangers, just people that came and, you know, provided for us. Jaki was our beacon of light that led them to us.  It’s a personal blessing. It’s a personal miracle. It makes you understand what the season is all about.”

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