SayNow Is A Voicemail Service That Connects Stars To Fans

Posted Sep 15, 2009

If you want to send a voicemail over to Soulja Boy, the Jonas Brothers, Dane Cook, Carmelo Anthony, Tori Spelling, Katy Perry, or LMFAO there is a way to pull it off. SayNow, a Silicon Valley based startup company accepts voicemails from fans and allows the celebrities to personally check them. SayNow supposedly receives about 10 million voicemails per month as of right now.

According to Nikhyl Singhal, one of the founders of the company, SayNow’s usage doubled in the last year. SayNow started four years ago with about $6 million in funding. SayNow users can also subscribe to celebrities so that they will be alerted when they leave a new message for the fans.

SayNow also recently launched a “live” feature where the celebrity hosts a conference call where they respond to the messages that they have received or provide updates while thousands of fans listen to them on mute.

SayNow’s advantage over Twitter and Facebook is that it is difficult to fake a voice, but it is easy to create fake celebrity Twitter accounts. Jonah Hill’s fake Twitter account was a perfect example. The fake Twitter account even trash talked Jon Favreau to the point where Hill actually had to call him and apologize.