ScaleBase Is A Database Virtualization Company That Keeps Apps Running

Posted Oct 28, 2012

ScaleBase is is a database virtualization company that helps keep next generation apps and business-critical databases up and running.  ScaleBase has recently raised $10.5 million in Series B funding from Bain Capital, Ascent Venture Partners, and Cedar Fund.

ScaleBase believes that the database virtualization market is hot right now because

-Data is growing at an incredible rate.

– Thousands of next generation apps are launching every day and their success is dependent on database scalability and availability

– The massive transactional processing requirements of big data that takes a serious toll on database  processing and performance.

ScaleBase CEO Ram Metser sold his previous venture Guardium to IBM.  ?Market demand for uninterrupted database performance is growing at an unprecedented rate as thousands of new online and mobile apps launch daily, and companies struggle to keep up with the massive transactional processing requirements of big data,? said Ram Metser, newly named CEO and former executive chairman at ScaleBase.  ?This investment is a clear validation of the tremendous market opportunity and our solution.?

ScaleBase’s Data Traffic Manager delivers real-time database scalability and availability without changing the ecosystem and eliminates database failures and infrastructure costs.  ScaleBase plans to use the new round of funding to fuel product innovation, R&D, and sales and marketing.