Scamander RRV Gets Test Driven

Posted Jun 21, 2009

Peter Wheeler used to be an owner in independent car manufacturing company TVR.  TVR was subsequently sold to Nikolai Smolenski, giving Wheeler spare time to pursue a passion project called “The Homer.”  Wheeler passed away earlier this month, but the prototype of his Scamander rapid response vehicle (RRV) has been test driven.

“Lots of people are fed up with their traditional sports cars, like Ferrari and Lamborghini produce, so I wanted to create an alternative,” stated Wheeler in an interview with EVO Mag.  “I created it for me, to be honest. I enjoy shooting, sailing and driving on track, so I wanted something that could cover all these elements. I call it an RRV, for rapid response vehicle.”

Wheeler wanted the vehicle to be light and simple.  The behicle has 35″ diameter tires that function similarly to tractors.  The body is filled with foam plastic pods and a central alumninum tub.  The weight of the vehicle is about 2,425 lbs.  The prototype uses a 2.0 liter Ford Zetec engine and fiddle brakes.  The Scamander vehicle can hold 4 people at a time.  The vehicle can drive on road, off road, and on the water.

Wheeler was privately financing the project himself.  Since he passed away, it is uncertain what will happen to the Scamander.  It is fairly unlikely that the Scamander won’t be moving to production assemblies, but at least Wheeler was around to see the prototype’s completion.

[via Jalopnik]