Scarpar Powerboard Will Make You Feel Like Marty McFly

Posted Apr 8, 2009

There is a scene from Back To The Future II where Marty McFly impersonates his future son in order to say that he will not participate in a robbery. The gang that arranged the robbery then calls him a chicken and chases McFly while he is riding in a hoverboard. This product reminded me of that movie.

Scarpar is a powerboard that has just been moved from concept stage to engineering. In the video above there is a video demo of the product. Scarpar is based in Australia. The company is trying their best righ now to raise capital. Pulse2 is in agreement with Engadget where we say that VC companies should hit up Scarpar ASAP. I’ve always dreamt about acting like my future son and running away from a gang of robbers ever since I saw Back To The Future II.

[via Engadget]