Schools Report iOS 7 Bug Lets Students Access Restricted Content

Posted Oct 3, 2013

Many schools are offering students access to an iPad for educational purposes.  However, the recently released iOS 7 has security bugs that allows students to take advantage of the tablets in schools.  Switching from iOS 6 to iOS 7 removed supervision capabilities that faculty and administrators used to have.

?Apple did not realize that installing iOS 7 would remove our (and thousands of organizations across the country) safety protection measure, which now makes the iPad devices unfiltered when accessing the Internet away from school,? stated a memo that was sent to AllThingsD from Manitou Springs (Colo.) School District 14 to parents of students.  ?In the short term, the district will be collecting iPad devices at the end of each day until the safety protection measure is reinstalled.?

This issue did not affect just the Manitou Springs school district.  It also affected many other schools, according to Apple support forums.