Science Inc. is acquiring Delicious from YouTube founders

Posted May 8, 2014

In the Web 2.0 days, Delicious was one of the hottest startups. Yahoo! acquired Delicious and then sold it to the YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen several years later. Now Delicious is being sold to Science Inc., a technology incubator and investor that is run by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones. Science Inc. believes that the brand can be revived again. The terms of the sale was undisclosed, but we know that Science will not acquire any of the talent from Hurley and Chen’s company.

Avos Systems, the company run by the YouTube founders, made several upgrades to Delicious before deciding to sell it again. Yahoo! almost shut down Delicious until Avos made the offer to buy the service. Delicious received around 200,000 new sign-ups per month, but it was a niche service with around 2 million monthly active users submitting links. Chen and Hurley are selling Delicious so that they can focus more on their new video app, MixBit.

?We were excited about the community and the technology and the fact that we would hopefully be able to provide some innovation there. To some extent we feel we have,? said Hurley in reference to the sale of Delicious in an interview with The New York Times. ?But for us, it really came down to focus.?

Delicious launched in 2003 and sold to Yahoo! two years later. When Delicious was acquired from Yahoo!, Hurley said that the website had not been touched for five years. “We had to re-engineer and rebuild the entire site from the ground up.”

Delicious lets users bookmark online content and save them using tags. Based in Santa Monica, California, Science Inc. has backed companies like Dollar Shave Club and DogVacay.