Science Inc. Launches TripleThread

Posted Nov 1, 2012

A push-based commerce company called TripleThread has spun out of the Science Inc. incubator.  TripleThread lets retailers and boutiques access highly qualified customers.  TripleThread lets retailers offer personalized cases of products like clothing and accessories.  TripleThread is launching today with Fourth and Grand, a styling service that allows men to find fashionable clothes that are best for their work environment at affordable prices.

Science Inc. is known for launching other successful e-commerce companies like Dollar Shave Club, Uncovet, and Wittlebee.
TripleThread drives some of the best customers to real-world brick and mortar stores and boutiques.  The company generates detailed customer profiles based on over 20 data points based on shopping habits to their favorite brands and purchasing history.

The style teams and sales forces are companies can tap into the profiles and create the right apparel and accessories to have shipped to their clients.

?We are giving brick and mortar retailers an entirely new revenue channel that is 100% additive,? stated TripleThread and Fourth and Grand CEO Allan Jones.  ?Retailers make no sacrifices to existing business nor are they forced to offer discounts to move items.  Traditional stores find tremendous value in the fact that we acquire qualified traffic for them, leveraging our technology to point shoppers in the right direction. They are unlocking a revenue stream that wasn?t available until now.?

?For every $1 spent on merchandise, 9 cents is spent on merchandise returns, which translates into millions of lost revenues and jobs for retailers.  TripleThread?s unique push-based commerce platform can help stem the flood of returns by personalizing customer service to each client,? added Science Inc. CEO Michael Jones.  ?This platform allows retailers to offer clients clothes and accessories that is pitch-perfect for any occasion, whether it is for work or for play.?