Scott Thompson Tells Board He Was Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer

Posted May 14, 2012

Former Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson told the company board of directors and several colleagues that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer according to several people familiar with the situation. The Wall Street Journal learned of this information from several sources. The cancer diagnosis was disclosed by Thompson late last week. The diagnosis had occurred in recent days and the board is also investigating why Thompson’s resume included an academic record that erroneously included a computer science degree.

The board was tangling with a proxy battle for board seats with Third Point LLC, a hedge fund company that has a large number of Yahoo! shares. Third Point founder Dan Loeb was the individual that discovered Scott Thompson’s faulty resume, which claimed he majored in accounting and computer science, but he did not have a computer science degree.

Thompson told one of his colleagues that he did not want to publicly discuss the cancer diagnosis because he wanted the details to be private. He has started the treatment process for the cancer. Thompson will receive some severance pay as he steps down from the company.