Scott Thompson’s Explanation For Resume Glitch

Posted May 11, 2012

Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson is now offering an explanation to employees why his official Yahoo! and eBay bios was inaccurate. On Thompson’s eBay and Yahoo! bios, it was written that Thompson had a degree in computer science and accounting from Stonehill College. However he just has a degree in accounting. Thompson told employees that before he was hired at eBay in 2005, he interviewed with an executive placement firm.

Thompson says he did not say that he had a degree in computer science. Thompson told Yahoo! employees that he did not review the document. He suggests that the person who interviewed him might have been a junior level employee. The firm that placed Thompson was Heidrick & Struggles. His eBay bio spread over to Yahoo!

When Thompson was hired at Yahoo!, he did not need to provide a resume. Same with when he applied to eBay/PayPal.

Thompson was interviewed by NPR and the interviewer mentioned the CS and accounting degree that Thompson had. Thompson said he did not correct the interviewer because it was awkward to correct someone in the middle of the interview.