Columbus Ohio Radio Station 97.1 Fires Scott Torgerson For Tweeting That He Hopes Desmond Howard Would Die

Posted Oct 25, 2012

Scott Torgerson is a radio talk show host from Columbus, Ohio.  He worked for ESPN radio affiliate 97.1 The Fan, but was fired two weeks after he tweeted a death wish about former University of Michigan star and college football analyst Desmond Howard.  ON Twitter, Mr. Torgerson wrote ?I wish Desmond Howard would get fired or die so I can watch Gameday again.?  Later he deleted the Twitter account that he wrote that on @myguythetorg.  The Fan suspended Mr. Torgerson indefinitely.

Torgerson?s tweet spread across the media earlier this month as pushed by Mr. Howard’s wife.  Desmond Howard is an analyst for College Gameday.  After the tweet was posted, Desmond Howard’s co-worker Kirk Herbstreit talked on his own radio show about the tweet.

Columbus, Ohio, the city that is home of the Ohio State University, is known to have an intense rivalry with Ann Arbor, Michigan, the home of the University of Michigan.

Mr. Torgerson’s tweet was supposed to be a joke, but as a media personality he should have been aware that the words you use online and off- have consequences.