Screenshots of Microsoft Gatineau, A Potential Google Analytics Killer

Posted Sep 15, 2007

I first wrote about Microsoft Gatineau in January 2007. Gatineau has gone through constant tweaks and testing to get the looks that it has today. Those looks are finally available in the form of screen shots below. The idea was conceived by Ian Thomas, Gatineau is still a code name, and the programming was lead by Microsoft adCenter Labs.

The idea is close to going Beta from closed Alpha at a time that Google Analytics is repairing speed issues. One of the tricks that Microsoft is using to collect data for analytical purposes is by monitoring Live IDs (previously known as Microsoft Passports) according to WebAnalyticsBook.

Below is a screen shot of the market segmentation feature on Gatineau:

And below is a sample tree map visualization:

Information Source:
The screen shots were presented by Ian Thomas at a conference in Bruxells. I found the pictures at the WebAnalytics link found above and I found this post via the SiteMeter homepage.

For the entire presentation, check out iigy.