Screenshots Of Possible Google Chrome OS User Interface Emerge

Posted Aug 31, 2009

TechCrunch has gotten their hands on what may potentially be what the user interface looks like on the Google Chrome OS. The operating system was announced early last month.

It is tough to say whether these are real pictures of the operating system or not, but it is interesting nonetheless. You will notice a Chrome logo with a search panel at the bottom. And on the right there is a massive taskbar with massive logo sizes for the applications. Based on the fact that the Google Android user interface uses massive logo sizes, it would not surprise me if this user interface picture actually applies to the final product.

However the images above aren’t really consistent with what Linus Upson wrote on the Google Blog last month. Upson said that the user interface was “minimal” and was intended to stay out of your way. And those massive application logo sizes aren’t exactly “minimal.”

Google Chrome is expected to arrive in the second half of 2010. Until then, we’ll just keep dreaming about what the operating system will look like.