Scribble Technologies Raises $8 Million

Posted Jun 20, 2013

Based in Toronto, Scribble Technologies was known for their “live blogging” platform.  Scribble has evolved over the last five years into a real-time content engagement management solutions powerhouse.  The company has just raised $8 million in funding.  The funding was provided by Georgian Partners, Export Development Canada (EDC), Summerhill Venture Partners, and Rogers Venture Partners.

Scribble Technologies’ ScribbleLive platform is available in 14 languages and is used by Associated Press, CNN, ESPN, and Reuters.  Scribble has also recently launched ScribbleMarket, which is a way for brands to syndicate their live content.  Licensing through ScribbleMarket can be free or paid.  Scribble’s client cover the Boston Marathon bombings in real-time using their platform.

Scribble plans on using the funding to expand their platform internationally and to offer services to different kinds of customers.  Scribble wants to do more especially in content marketing, according to TechCrunch.