Search Engine, Cuil Just Might Be The Next Big Thing

Posted Jul 28, 2008

“We are trying to shake things up and find new ways to help people,” stated Anna Patterson, co-founder of Cuil.

Cuil is a new search engine that officially launched last night.  Cuil boasts over 120 billion links to websites.  This is very comparable to the size of Google’s index as well.  Cuil was founded by Tom Costello, Anna Patterson, and Russell Power.  Patterson and Power both worked for Google prior to starting up Cuil.

Cuil’s strength is that they can index websites faster and cheaper than Google.  Cuil has raised about $33 million in two rounds of funding from Greylock, Tugboat Ventures, and Madrone Capital Partners [Crunchbase].  Cuil has about 10-15 employees based out of Menlo Park, Calif.

Another strength of Cuil is that there are categories that appear on the right side-bar when common keywords are plugged in.  Below is a screen shot:

If I search for my own name, lots of results appear.  But if I search for “Michigan” or “California,” no results currently appear.  This indicates that Cuil has a while to go before indexing everything correctly.  I can honestly say that I’ve been more impressed with Cuil than any other Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Live, and alternative so far.

Update: Here is the official press release

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