Search For “Tumblr” On Google Is More Popular Than “Blog”

Posted Jan 10, 2013

The search for the word “Tumblr” has passed searches for the word “blog” on Google.  Tumblr beat the word blog in December 2012 for the first time.  This chart simply shows how popular Tumblr has become since the company launched in 2007.  Tumblr is worth around $800 million on paper and Tumblr founder David Karp is going to buy a $1.6 million loft soon.  Outbound social media director Laura Olin sent out the following tweet:

We’ve reached the point where more people search for “Tumblr” than for “blog”:,

— laura olin (@lauraolin) January 2, 2013

According to Google Trends, the word “blog” has been declining since May 2009.  This is around the same time that Twitter became the third largest social network based on visits.  Tumblr had become one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world around November 2012.  The website receives around 170 million unique visitors per month and they are hitting around 20 billion page views per month.

?This isn?t meant to be a brag ? though you should definitely try our new Android and iOS apps if you haven?t yet ? but a credit to all of your brilliant creative efforts,? stated Karp in a blog post. “You guys have earned an audience bigger than the biggest TV networks, and you continue to make some of the most thought provoking, insightful, inspiring, funny, diverse, and compelling content being created today.?

[Source: Daily Dot]