Searchandise (Formerly Known As Guiderster) Raises $7.5 Million Series C

Posted Jul 29, 2008

Guidester, Inc. has relaunched as Searchandise Commerce.  Searchandise has raised $7.5 million from private equity firm Cloquet Capital Partners LLC, DFJ Gotham, Wheatley Partners, Milestone Venture Partners, Inflection Point Ventures, and Tim Draper.

Searchandise provides CPC solutions to manufacturers that want to advertise on online merchandising companies like,, and PriceGrabber.  Searchandise uses their partnership with ATG to distribute the ads.  ATG created an ad-supported e-commerce platform.

?Searchandise Commerce has the potential to change the online retail landscape,? stated Burt McGillivray, President of Cloquet Capital. ?Combine the company?s established customer base, with its innovative technology and a new and proven executive team, and this is an exciting investment for us to lead. I have worked with John and his team in the past and they have a superior track record of successful ventures. Searchandise Commerce will be no different.?