SeatGeek Reports $2.5 Million In Ticket Sales For September

Posted Oct 31, 2012

SeatGeek is a ticketing company that hit their first profitable month in August.  September was also a profitable month for the company.  SeatGeek co-founder Russell D?Souza said that the company made $2.5 million in gross ticket sales for the month of September compared to $1.1 million in September 2011 and $550,000 in September 2010.

SeatGeek hit 1.6 million visits in September, which is up from 490,000 in 2011 and 260,000 in 2010.  SeatGeek grew steadily and had focused on revenue instead of a “more hazy metric like user accounts.”

The SeatGeek ticket search engine aggregates listings from resale websites like StubHub and Ticketfly.  SeatGeek recently raised $1.65 million in funding, but never had to raise much venture money since they do not have a high burn rate.