Second Angry Birds Theme Park Opening This Summer

Posted Jun 1, 2012

If you do not know what Angry Birds is, you must be living under a rock. Angry Birds is a popular mobile and desktop game where you fling birds at pigs hiding out in structures. If you kill all the pigs, then you proceed to the next level. Earlier this month, Angry Birds Land opened in the Särkänniemi theme park in Finland. The second theme park is expected to open in Nottingham, U.K. this summer. Rovio launched Angry Birds Space in March 2012.

Just like the first park, it will be an area within a separate theme park called the Sundown Adventureland. The Finland Angry Birds theme park has 12 rides aimed at families and young children. It has an Angry Birds carousel, Majakka lighthouse, and an Angry Birds themed roller coaster. There is an official Angry Birds shop iwthin the theme park as well.