Second Life Creator, Philip Rosedale Stepping Down From The Virtual World CEO Position

Posted Mar 15, 2008

Philip Rosedale is the creator Second Life and is now the former CEO.  Rosendale will become their chairman of the Board, but will not be responsible for hiring the team to maintain Second Life’s scalability.  This will be the job of the new CEO.

“I bet this will be the most interesting job opening in the technology world,” wrote Rosendale on his blog.

Rosendale will be responsible for the product strategy and become an evangelist about Second Life.  There currently isn’t a timeline for when Second Life plans to bring in a full-time CEO.

On the blog post, one of the funniest comments I saw was by Bobo Decosta, who said “Does this mean anarchy brakes out until a new ruler steps up?”   It’d be funny to see all these virtual avatars start freaking out.  It probably wouldn’t look any different than when Scott Adams decided to make an appearance on Second Life.