SeedInvest raises $4.15 million in Series A

Posted Jun 11, 2014

SeedInvest is a New York based equity crowdfunding platform that has raised $4.15 million in Series A funding. The first $2 million in this round was from Scout Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Avenue A Ventures and Krillion Ventures. The other $2.15 million was from 42 angel investors through the SeedInvest platform. During the two week campaign, over 3,000 investors accessed the investment opportunity and more than 400 signed up as new investors.

?We decided there was no better way to illustrate our conviction in our platform than by utilizing it ourselves,? stated Ryan Feit, CEO and co-founder of SeedInvest. ?This was the perfect occasion to tap our rapidly growing investor base and provide them with the opportunity to join our journey.?

This round was advertised publicly through general solicitation and was significantly oversubscribed. In the last 3 months, companies have raised over $6 million through the SeedInvest platform. For example, SeedInvest helped virtual reality treadmill company Virtuix raise $1.6 million in 2 months. SeedInvest also helped futuristic vending machine Vengo raise $720,000 of its $2 million round from a combination of venture funds, family offices, and individual angel investors.