Seeo Raises Over $8.6 Million

Posted Aug 30, 2009

Seeo is a battery manufacturing company that is based in Berkeley, California.  According to a regulatory filing, the company has recently raised over $8.6 million.  The homepage of Seeno just has a logo and the statement “Seeo is developing advanced materials to revolutionize electricity storage and delivery.”

The investors were mostly undisclosed, but peHUB reports that Khosla Ventures is a return investor.  Mohit Singh founded Seeo and serves as a director.  He started the company about two years ago and plans to make lithium ion batteries for consumer electronics less flammable and more stable.

The company has already created a bettery that is based on a nano-structured solid-state structure.  The batteries that Seeno develops also has a higher energy density that lithium ion batteries currently on the market.