Seesmic Acquires, A Massive Social Network Updating Website

Posted Jan 6, 2010

Seesmic went from becoming a video commenting service to a TweetDeck competitor in 2009. Seesmic made their service available on the web, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, etc. Earlier this week Seesmic acquired is a service that updates all of your social networks in one go.

Seesmic started to challenge TweetDeck after they decided to acquired Twhirl. will allow Seesmic to update 50 social networks at once. CEO Loic Le Meur said Seesmic ?can now update 50 social networks using from email, chat, sms, Blackberry, Android, web, Windows, OSX and much more soon,?

Seesmic has been downloaded about 3.5 million times. has about 500,000 users. updates about 200,000 status updates per day. Seesmic has a goal to update about 1 million updates per day in 2010.