Seesmic Browser Makes Using Twitter As Easy As GMail

Posted Jul 10, 2009

Seesmic, the video commenting and Twitter platform company founded by Loic Le Meur has developed a new browser that will be debuted at the Real-Time Street CrunchUp event today.  The Seesmic Browser looks very similar to GMail when it comes to the user interface and has support for Twitter.

At the top of the browser is a messages button to read direct messages that you have been sent.  Next to that is an text field for users to update their status.  And then there is a search engine next to the text field for finding tweets.

Although the Seesmic Browser currently only supports Twitter, Facebook integration will be added to the browser soon.  Different columns in the browser represents different functions.  For example, one column may have direct messages, another column will have replies sent, and another column will have the ability to message or follow/unfollow a user.

[via TechCrunch]