SEOMoz Gets Rebranded To Moz and Launches New Analytics Platform

Posted May 30, 2013

SEOMoz, a search engine and social analytics company, has rebranded to the name “Moz.”  The company is also launching a new analytics platform called Moz Analytics.  Moz CEO Rand Fishkin said that SEOMoz has moved beyond being just an SEO company.

?While SEO remains a key part of our product,? stated Fishkin. ?It?s no longer transparent or authentic to say we?re purely an SEO software company.?

Moz has over 25,000 customers and 300,000 community members across the world.  SEOMoz first started off as an SEO blog and consulting company in 2004.  The company wound down their consulting operations to turn into a software provider in 2009.

Moz Analytics allows organizations to monitor all of their marketing efforts in one platform including social channels.  Moz Analytics contains all of the functionality that SEOmoz PRO works with.  Moz Analytics allows marketers to review large data sets across tabs like overview, links, content, social, etc.

Moz has plans to post a detailed walkthrough of each section and all the features in Moz Analytics.  The company plans to still work out some kinks, hence the beta tag.  SEOmoz Pro subscribers will receive invites to use Moz Analytics in the next 60-90 days.