Sergey Brin Calls Smartphones “Emasculating,” Says Google Glass “Free Your Eyes”

Posted Feb 28, 2013

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is working on a new project called Google Glass.  Google Glass are smart-glasses that lets you surf the Internet, record videos, and pull up navigation using voice commands.  Brin said that the idea for Google Glass was to prevent social isolation.

Brin went on stage this past Wednesday and pretended to use his smartphone.  ?That is why we created this form factor,? said Brin.  He said that rubbing phones feels “kind of emasculating.”  He added  ?You are just rubbing this featureless piece of glass. There isn?t anything to feel.?

?You want something that frees your eyes,? added Brin.  ?We wanted to free up your ears.?  Interestingly Brin said that there was a drawback to using Google Glass.  When he takes out the phone, he said ?I look as if I have something very important to do. This takes away that excuse.?  Google will be selling Google Glass for $1,500 to people that send them a message about what they would do if they had Google Glass.